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“Honesty is our motto. We go the extra mile!”
- Johnny Fourie

Why our passion for caravans grew and we switched to caravans:

  • We pleasantly noticed that caravan clients are a special community and one of these aspects that excited us is how caravan clients make buying a caravan a family outing and experience.
  • We felt we could give a good service to the Pretoria and surrounding caravan community and meet their needs for good quality second hand used (pre-owned) caravans. To our surprise we are doing business with clients all over South Africa.
  • We made it our mission to cater for all clients and to stock all price ranges, makes and sizes in the Jurgens, Gypsey, Sprite and their off road range.

Johnny Fourie is the founder of Starlight Caravans and is still an active director to date.

We own all our properties, with the Grace from above. We strive to provide great service to the caravan community through our hand picked team.

Starlight Caravans Sinoville

Our sister company Starbright Auctioneers and caravans (Sinoville)

Starbright Auctioneers and caravans sells cheaper and older caravans for cash only.
Starlight Caravans Sinoville

Starlight Caravans Sinoville

Starlight Caravans has a free 12 month guarantee
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